Mountain Mermaid Is Where It's At - Topanga Film Festival

Topanga Film Festival, 2010, For Short Films

This elegant Mediterranean villa that once played host to Hollywood’s elite

of the 1930s has enjoyed various incarnations as a playground for the rich

and famous, as a casino, brothel, night club and a tavern over a number of

decades. Today, meticulously restored to all its glory, it presents the perfect

backdrop for an inspiring day of networking, socializing and screenings.

August 19th-22nd  Topanga Shorts Film Festival, Los Angeles

With the advent and acceptance of digital technologies in content

creation and distribution, the playing field for storytellers has leveled.

The day is dedicated to illuminating the intricacies of a burgeoning global

media paradigm and to provide filmmakers with the opportunity to pitch

their projects to potential production partners.

Through a series of seminars, panels and workshops they envision the most

qualitative and exhilarating exchange of intellectual capital, ideas and


PANELS & SCREENINGS (participants unconfirmed)

11AM | bettering the world with your story

Panel explores the creative muse and driving factors in finding your story that

can catalyze social change and betterment of the human condition through

transmedia. Panel participants will show you how to find your special voice in

uncovering your story.

1PM | the transmedia challenge

Explore trilogy of co-occurring roles as creators, producers and participants of

content in today’s new media paradigm. Join Kyle Ruddick, founder/director of

One Day on Earth and others, dedicated to expanding global collaboration in

the production of multi-authored narratives that inspire societal betterment.

3PM | production & finance

Modi Wiczyik, Co-CEO Media Rights Capital joins entertainment lenders,

venture capitalists and angel investors who discuss investing, expanding/contracting

revenue streams and lending in a burgeoning new media landscape.

5PM | distribution & marketing

A panel comprised of members of the Women in Film International Committee

will focus on new practices and trends in full-cycle distribution that now starts

as early as development and pre-production and the new power for independent

filmmakers in the world of new media and social networking.

8PM | featured screening

Curated shorts or selected long-form feature screening

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