Eco-Holiday "Give Light" Initiative

By: Charlene Brown

On behalf of the "Give Light" Initiative, I wish you an eco-holiday and to ask you to join in using solar powered lights this holiday to help reduce demand on the power grid and reduce your carbon footprint; And, of course, reduce your electric bill year after year.

Another objective of the Give Light Initiative is to help those who are without electricity to light their windows this season. Full program details and solar light samples are online at

Why "Give Light":
Each year Americans, regardless of religious affiliations, decorate their homes with marvelous lights to celebrate the most joyous season of the year. And while incomes dry up, electricity costs are on the rise and utility bills are going unpaid, leaving many homes dark at night.
The Give Light Initiative will help recapture the joy of the most joyous season of the year by offering residents energy-efficient, safe and environmentally friendly solar lighting at a discounted price.

And for every ten solar light sets sold, we will give a gift of light to a needy family in the neighborhood.
Pasadena Development Corporation, Lookin’ Green Magazine, and Shepherd’s Door are commissioning this initiative. Partners include Sam’s Club, City of Pasadena, Side Street Projects, One Community and others. We hope you will join us in this brilliant solar lighting initiative with a generous partnership to help those who are without light this season.

Request for Support:
We invite you to order solar light strings through the Give Light Initiative with which you can decorate your home or business or that you may give as gifts to your guests and friends. Every 10 LED solar light set will offset 30 watts for 30 days resulting in reduced carbon emissions less demand on the electric grid.
i. Galaxy = $25,000 for 1,000 solar light strings
ii. Sun = $15,000 for 600 solar light strings
iii. Moon = $10,000 for 400 solar light strings
iv. Star = $5,000 for 200 solar light strings
v. Light = $1,000 for 40 solar light strings
Order any quantities of solar lights for a donation of $25 each - 100 LED bulbs on a string.
Benefits of Solar Holiday Lights:
a. Save on electricity costs with energy-efficient solar LEDs for 10,000 hours of light
b. Safe lighting with no outlets, no extension cords, no overload, less blackouts
c. Suitable for indoors and outdoors with year-round automatic lighting from dusk to dawn
Give Light Initiative Goals:
d. One million solar powered LED lights distributed (10,000 strings of 100 LED bulbs each)
e. One million watts saved during the holidays, and up to 10,000 hours of light for years to come
f. Two Hundred Thousand dollars to benefit local non-profits and needy residents
g. Three Thousand solar light strings gifted to needy families in the neighborhood
This Give Light Initiative will save money while reducing power demand, help protect the environment, reduce carbon emissions, and will promote safe holiday lighting with energy-efficiency eco-safe long-lasting LED lights - powered by the sun. For more information about the Give Light Initiative and partnerships, please contact me, Charlene Brown, President, Lookin' Green Magazine and visit our online store at
You can also contact Keith Rogers, Program Director of the Give Light Initiative
Executive Director, Pasadena Development Corporation.

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Lisa Ling Builds Green

By Green Blogger

At Senator Pavley's recent "Greening the Bottom Line" town hall meeting, Lisa Ling and her husband, Paul, turned out to speak about the home they are building in Santa Monica.  Here's the link to the ABC News Video:

Also, Ted Flanigan of Eco Motion and George Infante of West LA Print and Copy showed up to share their green success stories.  In addition, Pavley was able to bring out the local utilities and 20 community groups and businesses to provide "How To Go Green" resource materials. "The event was fun, informative, and highlighted how being good to the Earth is also good for your pocketbook," said Pavley.

For more information on the next "Greening the Bottom Line" go to Senator Pavley's (D-Santa Monica) website.

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