Greening London: Dwell On Container City Design

The original Container City project, located at Trinity Buoy Wharf, in the heart of London's Docklands was completed in 5 months in 2001. Container City I was originally 3 stories high providing 12 work studios across 4,800 sq ft.

After high demand a fourth floor was added providing three additional live / work apartments.

As well as being very cost effective Container City I is environmentally friendly with over 80% of the building created from recycled material.

As the second phase of the original Container City project at Trinity Buoy Wharf, Container City II is both an extension and evolution of the first building. It is built adjacent to Container City I, with inter-connecting bridges, a new lift and full disabled access, Container City II was completed in 2002 providing a further 22 studios over five floors.

In contrast to the first phase, Container City II is a funky ziggurat shape and painted in bright colors to reflect the creative flair of those who work there.

Following on from the Governments initiative to lower industry carbon emissions, the new Part L building regulations that were introduced in April 2006 require all commercial buildings to produce 27% less CO2 than was formerly allowed. While many firms will struggle to fulfil this criteria the Container City™ system lends itself perfectly as a a cheap way to recycle industrial products.


  • Minimal concrete foundations required (existing structure strong yet lightweight)
  • Little noise pollution (Off site construction and fast installation)
  • Natural ventillation (No need for air conditioning)
  • Photoelectric light sensitive cells (External lighting sensitive to light changes)
  • Thermally efficient (uses external walkways and lift towers, double thick insulation and sealed south facing glazed units)
  • Minimal artificial light required (fully glazed facades)
  • Separate light and heat controls for each unit. (modular system less open plan)

Devised by Urban Space Management Ltd, the Container City™ system uses shipping containers linked together to provide high strength, prefabricated steel modules that can be combined to create a wide variety of building shapes and adapted to suit most planning or end user needs.

To date Urban Space Management Ltd has successfully used the Container City™ system to create office space, retail space, artist studios, a nursery, youth centres and live / work space. For More Info: Container City

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Sophia Bush, Austin Nichols On Grand Isle With Global Green

(June 21, New Orleans, Lousiana) On Monday, Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols of One Tree Hill toured the Gulf oil spill by boat at the Bridgeside Marina.

The Video of their New Orleans trip is below. [Can't See The Video? Click HERE]

Before attempting to clean up one of the beaches, they stopped for lunch at the Barataria Restaurant. Later that afternoon they helped a group called the Bucket Brigade with some mapping of the spill. They also meet with fisherman and community leaders, accompanied by Global Green USA CEO Matt Petersen and Beth Galante of New Orleans GGUSA office.

On Tuesday, they met with city officials and toured the Global Green Holy Cross Project in the Ninth Ward built according to top energy saving standards, and met with Global Green staff and supporters for an assessment of actions and activities.

Many tv and film industry performers and producers have been spending more time in Louisiana due to the favorable tax benefits that have incentivized film shoots and production there. Many have bought homes in the area and return frequently. They have become concerned about the fate of the region. These young actors here on Monday and Tuesday have ties to Louisiana, have been discussing the spill, and plan to report back to their colleagues and fans on the impact of the spill with an eye to how they might support those there in Louisiana who have hosted them so warmly during the actors’ time there.

Global Green USA is a national environmental organization that merges innovative research, cutting-edge community-based projects and targeted advocacy to create a sustainable future. It has also pioneered partnerships with countless non-profits and government agencies. Please visit for more information.

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Los Angeles Goes For FiT - Solar Feed-in Tariffs

Feed-in Tariff Benefits For Los Angeles

If only Los Angeles could bottle the kind of energy seen during Lakers Day Parades, such as the one on Monday, June 21st, there would be little need for discussions about rate hikes and energy consumption. Until that day arrives, the Los Angeles Business Council has been consulting with local stakeholders and helping Mayor Villaraigosa and Councilwoman Jan Perry and others to come up with a Feed-in Tariff plan for Solar energy. This is how it is proposed to work in benefit to Los Angeles the city and its citizens.
  • Ratepayer cost-savings: Future solar installation costs will continue to fall at the same time that fossil fuel costs will rise. Our study finds that ratepayers will save money over the long-term because a solar program will begin to produce energy more cheaply than the utility’s other potential sources of power within five years.
  • Regulatory climate: California law, AB 32, will require all utilities to meet 20 percent of their power needs with renewable sources by the end of the year, a mandate that will soon increase to 33 percent. A FiT program could be an important component in helping utilities to meet renewable energy goals.

Photo courtesy LA Times Blogs

Can't See The Video?  CLICK HERE

  • A magnet for clean-tech manufacturing: A FiT program would signal a long-term political commitment to greening Los Angeles and could be used as an incentive to attract clean-tech firms and manufacturers to our region and keep them here. Germany—which is home to the world’s largest solar market despite its relatively marginal sunlight— has used a nationwide FiT program to help generate more than 100,000 jobs and build a robust green economy.
  • Job creation: A FiT program would create more than 11,000 high-wage private sector jobs to install, maintain, repair, assemble and manufacture solar panels inside the Los Angeles basin.

What Is A Solar Feed-in Tariff Program?

A solar Feed-in Tariff program allows businesses, public and non-profit organizations, and residents to install solar panels on their roofs and parking lots and sell the power generated back to the local utility. Participants receive a payment back from the utility for each Kilowatt-hour fed back into the power grid. FiT programs can generate a cost-effective source of renewable energy, create local jobs, and bring in revenue for businesses and ratepayers. Successful FiT programs have been put in place around the world. LABC has singled out programs in Germany and Gainesville, Florida as particularly effective models that Los Angeles should look to emulate.


Contact the Los Angeles Business Council for more information on the Solar FiT program. This month LABC has been building a broad coalition in support of bringing an ambitious 600 Megawatt Solar Feed-in Tariff  (FiT) program to Los Angeles using the guidelines we have developed in partnership with the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation. 

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Oui, Oui Greening Paris

Green Is Glam

Madame Le Figaro, France's premier intelligent women's magazine, declares that Green Is Glam, even for haute fashionista Parisians!  Read about Greening Hollywood and Green Celebs such as Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts in the June issue of Madame Le Figaro.

Shizen: the new magazine for eco friendly trends

Originally Posted by X.M.

Here comes the all brand new eco friendly magazine, Shizen, which happens to be a goldmine of information for all eco friendly citizens! Well written, and with a good dose of humor, Shizen is printed with vegetal ink, on recycled paper, and wants to give a positive image of women, with in depths articles about major environmental problems. As an example  , the last articles talked about the devastation of the Brazilian forest in favor of cattle breeding (When the beefs eat the Amazonian forest) and about the hidden side of our beauty products (Are we in danger when we pamper ourselves?). You can also upload Shizen in pdf version (a good gesture for the planet).


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A Green Day In Paris

By X. M.

Originally published on Follow the green light

Here are four options to move in an ecological way around the capital:

• Hop into one of the G7 hybrid taxis for an eco-friendly journey!

• Take a bike or Vélib ‘: The green Parisian favorite transportation that allow you to avoid traffic jams as well!
• Try the Urban Cab, where the driver carries you on a bicycle. It’s time for you to seat and enjoy your eco-ride.
• Discover Paris on Sedan, the least polluting car model, to appreciate the charm and the beautiful architecture of the city while preserving the planet. (Ecovisit Paris from 150 € )

Naturally Fair

From June 4 to June 7, Naturally the fair on organic products and environment welcomes you at Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles. The calendar of events includes workshops on how to better know your body needs, conferences such as “100 natural prescriptions on 100 common diseases”, “secrets of senior vitality” or “gardens that help us”.
Organic and natural products are everywhere : from cosmetics made out of vegetable butter to hemp made clothes, detergents, books…everything will be present there ! A fair to be visited with your family in order to relax, get some good food and, of course, do some organic shopping !

Salon Naturally
Parc des Expositions de Paris
Porte de Versailles – Pavillon 8
Friday June 4, from 1030am to 10pm.
On June 5, 6 and 7, from 1030am to 7pm..



Take care of yourself

Coiffure & Nature saloon, in the heart of Marais, uses the natural substances to your hair. Vegetal coloration and gentle care of your hair, such as the deep scalp massage using 100% natural wild Shea Nut.
1, rue de la Bastille – Paris 4th

Couleur Caramel, a bio-cosmetic specialist, opened a Cafe – Beauty Saloon, in the 4th district. Maquillage Caffè is a warm place for you to be more naturally beautiful.
8 rue Nicolas Flamel, 10 rue Jean du Bellay – Paris 4th

• The Cosmetox Guide, published by Greenpeace, classes the leading brands of cosmetics by a scale of eco-friendly. It’s perfect for you to find out the recommended products and those that you need to avoid!

Have a green hand

• Passy Park, located close to Gavarni hotel, was awarded the Ecocert label. Some other parks in Paris have also received the label Ecocert, and you can discover them at Ecolosqy.
Passy Park: rue d’Ankara , avenue Marcel Proust, avenue René-Bolylesve, avenue du Président Kennedy – Paris 16th

La Coulée Verte, in the 12th district, situated along the route of an old railway line, leads you to Bois de Vincennes. A perfect unusual walk in Paris for all nature lovers.

Let’s do some eco-shopping

• For green gifts: Nature & Découvertes, a nature chain stores offers a variety of products ranging from the solar energy lamp to the organic beauty products.
Shop near Gavarni Hotel: 75 rue de Passy Paris 16th

• For those who wants to be trendy: Monsieur Poulet, a fashion concept store that perfectly links design and environment.
28 rue des petites stables – Paris 10th

• For the fashion victims: Dalia and Rose, a very girly shop, with lots of beautiful ethical products (shoes, swimwear, key chains …) which involved a high quality fashion.
9, rue du Marché St-Honoré – Paris 1st

• For everyone’s liking: Altermundi Mode, the first brand in Paris to have understood that “It’s chic to have an ethic!” The shop brings together numerous fair trade brands and organic products.
9, rue de Rivoli – Paris 4th

• For the fans of eco-luxury: Vanessa Bruno, a fashion designer is very sensitive towards the environment. She has done numerous noble action and beautiful gestures, such as her involvement in a reforestation program.
Vanessa Bruno near the hotel Gavarni: Franck & Fils – 80 rue de Passy – Paris 16th

• For children: the Filambule brand create tee-shirts from organic cotton and handbags from candy paper for young eco-travelers.
12, rue Mandar – Paris 2nd

Eat organic

• During breakfast : Pastries and organic breads at Boulangerie Moisan. This property offers exclusively products from organic farming, and they are home-made. A crispy idea which is perfect to start your green day!
Shop near the hotel: 75 rue Lafontaine.

• During lunch: La victoire suprême du cœur is an excellent vegetarian restaurant. The chef offers you mouth-watering and original organic culinary creations and you will enjoy it in a friendly and colorful environment.
31 rue Bourg Tibourg – Paris 4th

• In a rush: Stop at Exki. The chain of the famous Belgian bios fast-food proves that you can eat as quickly as you want at any time but keeping at the same time the “I love environment” spirit.
Exki – 9, bd des Italiens – Paris 2nd

• Cocktail break: The Artisan Nature bar introduces a numerous unexpected bio drinks (pears cocktail, aloe vera brew, Maracuja syrup …).
123 rue Saint-Maur – Paris 11th

• Fruits and vegetables: There are two organic outdoor markets in Paris, one at Batignolles (Paris 17th) on Saturday from 9am to 3pm, and the other at Boulevard Raspail (between rue du Cherche Midi and Rennes ) on Sunday from 9am to 3pm.

• Some tips to buy organic eggs: Attention to the number indicated on the shell. If it is 0 or 1, you can purchase with your eyes closed, but if it is 2 or 3, better not!

-> Exhibition «La Terre et Nous» at the Cite de Science until August 30th 2009. To learn more about the consequences of population concentration in cities on the environment.

-> Eco-friendly books at «Nature & Découverte» and in other book shops :

• «Paris Ecolo» by Patricia Michel, 2,90€, First
• «Pesticides» by Fabrice Nicolino et François Veillerette, 19 €, Editions Fayard

• «Toxic» by William Reymond, 19 €, Flammarion
• «Guérir par les plantes» by Claire Laurain, 18,90 €, Editions Anagramme
• «Protégez vous enfants de la malbouffe!» by Cyril Lignac, 17 €, Michel Lafon
• «Santé, les trucs qui marchent» by Sophie Lacoste, 17€, Michel Lafon

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