According to, CAA’s ace project “Cry Macho,” for Arnold Schwarzenegger, Environmentalist, Superstar, Governor and now Statesman, is getting the greenlight.

Legendary producer Al Ruddy – The Godfather, Million Dollar Baby – is in negotiations, according to Finke, to pay the movie star $10 million upfront and 25% of the box office.

When asked to describe the script that has caught the big guy’s eye, he explained to Entertainment Weekly,…

Cry Macho. It’s a little movie that got my attention because it is so opposite of what you’d expect someone like me to do. It’s about a guy who is a horse trainer. He’s a little bit over-the-hill. The last two years didn’t go so well. But then the owner of the horses gives him a challenge. He sends him to Mexico to get his son… READ ENTIRE EW INTERVIEW 

There has also been talk of an animated series called The Governator getting a go. Though that is being reported on again off again in light of the new developments.

Let’s hope that Arnold does for Green Sets what he did for Green[ing] California.

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