Native Shoes All Weather And Eco-Friendly


Made from foam-injection molded EVA, Native Shoes have been a huge hit since their debut in the spring of 2010 thanks to their extremely lightweight, airy, and washable material.  The easy-to-slip-on Miller, Jefferson, Howard, Jericho, and Corrado silhouettes, as well as the sturdy Fitzsimmons hiking boot, keep feet happy in sun, rain, sleet, and snow.  And to top it all off, Natives are eco-friendly, as they are manufactured through a low energy emission process which produces zero waste and does not use any animal bi-products.


This fall, Native’s sleek and stylish kicks will be available in these brand new shades:  Scuba Green, Cardigan Pink, Jellybean Purple, Crayon Yellow, Peanut Brown.  Fans of the shoes can also pick up their favorite classic colors Jiffy Black, Shell White, Pigeon Grey, Regatta Blue, Torch Red, and Hollywood Pink.

The kids line rolled out its new fall styles last week, so the whole family can look stylish and wear Eco-friendly fashions throughout the seasons.


Posted via email from Greening Beauty