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A new Food TV show, Pitchin' In, focuses on where all the deliciousness comes from...our Blessed Mother Earth and her beauteous bounty of natural resources. This show features gobs of goodness for "local" foodies.
Here's an excerpt of Chef Lynn Crawford's new show, Pitchin' In.
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Greening Hollywood: Mother Nature Approves...

By Sandhi Schimmel Gold

Eco-Friendly Fine Art


Every American receives close to 560 pieces of junk mail each year.  Those billions of pieces of junk mail - if laid end to end - would circle the globe more than 240 times. About 50% of it ends up in landfills.

Your mailbox overflows with essential communication - and unsolicited catalogs, postcards and an assortment of advertising ephemera. Add to this your growing collection of old greeting cards, calendars, menus, fliers and business cards, and the amount of paper you have to recycle swells.

What do you do with your junk mail?

"Mother Nature"

Mother NatureOn canvas, this amazing portrait was created by upcycling junk mail and other advertising ephemera to create mosaic "tiles,"  utilizing only eco-friendly and non-toxic materials. 24x48."

The final image in the artists' "Icon" series, is Mother Nature.

Her face mimics the various tones of the earth; her hair extends upwards like ferns in various shades of green while her gaze reflects her concern for her planet.

Add this unique piece to your collection of eco-friendly fine art! Or, view the collection of original art for sale.

"My pictures are made of thousands of incongruent pieces - images and text. Assembled like a mosaic; the tiles create an entirely new image - a portrait, a landscape, a fantasy - directly from my imagination, utilizing materials that would otherwise go to waste."

See the art now at Springs Preserve Museum in Las Vegas, Translations Gallery in Denver, Bella Studios in Valparaiso, Indiana Eco-Centricity in Phoenix, or make an appointment to visit the artist's studio.

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