Deepak Chopra hosts 'The Conversation' on April 14 - 15

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This two day events raises the bar on integrity and intelligence, as Deepak is poised to ask important questions, create the inquiry, and host the solutions and the debate. With important topics ranging from food safety to nuclear power, viewers are invited to participate in 'The Conversation.' 

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On April 14 at 7pm ET, Deepak will participate in a a critical discussion with Andrew Kimbrell, Executive Director of Center for Food Safety (CFS), and Gary Hirshberg, Founder and CEO of Stonyfield, to review the harms and risks associated with the recent USDA approval of genetically engineered (GE) alfalfa for dairy cattle. CFS, a non-profit public interest legal and public interest organization, is pursuing further legal action against the USDA to halt GE alfalfa commercialization until and unless comprehensive environmental and public health impact statements are completed.

On April 15 at 10:30am ET, viewers are invited to learn simple mediation techniques and tips on personal and collective healing. Deepak will host a morning meditation and review the profound effects meditation has on the neuro-plasticity of the brain. 

On April 15 at 6:30pm ET, Deepak joins Arnold Gundersen, nuclear engineer, expert witness & Vermont Yankee activist; Harvey Wasserman, journalist, one of the first to cover the Fukushima leak; Paul Gallay, Riverkeeper ED, working to permanently shut down Indian Point; and Duane Peterson, progressive political campaigner and non-profit environmental activist to discuss the Indian Point nuclear power plant. Due for re-licensing in 2013, viewers are invited to tune into to learn more about Indian Point's parallels with Fukushima Daiichi in age and technology and vulnerability to earthquake and terrorism. 

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Hemp Guitar, Make Some Noise For Earth Day!

For Earth Day, Make Some Noise!

What better with than this Electric Guitar made from Hemp!

Photo and Product Description courtesy Daryl Hannah's Love Life Website.


Rock On Daryl and on the rest of the Love Lifers, Earth Lovers!


the worlds only hemp guitar
that’s right no trees!
this georgous electric guitar hand fabricated from hemp 
hemp is one of the worlds most sustainable plants!!!
host free (no pesticides)+ needs very little water + on + on

(check out dhlovelife hemp vlog #8)

the organically shaped semi-acoustic electric guitar
body is made of hemp pulp 
+ is not carved 
or milled 
like traditional guitars
mmm, sweet sounding + looking…

"we are the music makers + we are the dreamers of the dream"

price: 3525.00$

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Vinothérapie by Caudalie

By Paige Donner

Paige Donner is a Luxury Writer.

Caudalie is a wine term, in French, that refers to the length of time the taste of a wine lingers in the mouth. The longer the better. It is a measurement of a wine's quality.

A spa and beauty care line based on patents derived from bio-research on the beauty benefits of the grape, Caudalie is a fitting name for this French line that originated in the heart of Bordeaux, in fact in the prestigious Graves appellation.

Mathilde Thomas is the Founder and Creator of Caudalie, a top-selling beauty line in French Pharmacies, where so many of the best beauty brands in France are sold. Since a year or two, Ms. Thomas, now NYC-based, has launched her brand in the U.S.

But though this young beauty visionary may spend her day-to-day in NYC, it is in Bordeaux where her heart, and the base of Caudalie Vinothérapie products, remain firmly rooted.


Working with Dr. Vercauteren of Bordeaux's University of Pharmaceuticals, Ms. Thomas was intrigued by a claim he made to her during the 1993 grape harvest on her parents esteemed Bordeaux vineyard, "Do you know that you are throwing away treasures?" he asked her when he saw the grape skins and grape seeds being discarded.

She quickly learned, by listening to Dr. Vercauteren's explanations, that grapeseeds and grape skins hold extraordinary deposits of anti-oxidants, in the form of polyphenols. And this is where Ms. Thomas showed true entrepreneurial genius, because from that bio-detritus, she created the luxury "Cosm-ethics" beauty care line and brand, Caudalie.

Caudalie owns three patents that help slow the signs of skin-aging:

1) Polyphenols from Grape-Seeds

"The most powerful anti-oxidants occurring in the vegetable world. They stop free radicals, which are the main cause of cutaneous ageing. They are the best anti-ageing shield for the skin.

2) Resveratrol from Grapevine Stalks

It gives the skin back its youthfulness and firmness. Harvard's Department of Medicine identified Resveratrol as the most effective active ingredient for prolonging cellular life.

3) Viniferine from Grapevine Sap

The sap from grapevine stalks was used in the past to diminish dark spots and clarify the complexion of young women. Viniferine protects against dark spots and leaves your complexion incredibly radiant.

The Caudalie researchers have come up with a few more grape treasures which are formulated into the beauty line such as "organic grape water," grape-seed oil, and Vinolevure®.

"There's no miracle cure for skin ageing, there is a patent!" - Mathilde Thomas, Founder-Creator, Caudalie, Skincare Line

You can rest assured you are making an ethically beautiful choice with these products, too. None of the formulas are tested on animals and they ask that their suppliers do the same. They use the maximum amount of natural ingredients, that are both biodegradable and respect the environment, in their product lines. Her coined term of "Cosm-ethics," refers to the fact that no animal ingredients, parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, mineral oil, synthetic colorings or sodium laureth sulfate are used in any of the formulations or products.

There are also Caudalie Spas: In Bordeaux, France; NYC, New York; Versailles, France; and in Spain. Read the related article on Spa Caudalie in Greening Beauty.

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