Interview With Honoré des Prés Founder Christian David

Interview with Christian David, founder of Honoré des Prés natural perfumes from France and Greening Beauty Editor, Paige Donner.

GB: 1. What was your background before launching your natural perfume line?

I worked 9 years ago for DIOR in the cosmetics creation department.  At that time I worked with Hedi Slimane to launch Dior Homme Dermo System. Just before launching Honoré des Prés, I worked with Mr. and Mme. d' Ornano for Sisley and while there discovered their natural and luxury beauty.

GB: 2. Please describe the tradition - metier - of perfume making in France. Is it something you are born into?

Yes, I remember all the launches 25 years ago ... like Angel,  J'adore Dior ... at this time we had to wait many years for a real novelty from the most beautiful houses of perfumes and it was always an event ... We have had a lot of opportunity to preserve all the tradition and the metier of Perfume in France especially in Grasse. I work with Robertet , one of the most beautiful Perfume House in Grasse with such exceptional and natural ingredients ... the transformation of all these beautiful and exquisite flowers is a real dream and secret ..

GB: 3. What inspired you to launch a natural perfume line?
To put this secret in the bottle, to explain to the whole world that it's at this time possible to smell a real flower in your perfume and not just a compilation of chemicals ....
And of course, more than an inspiration but the unique possibility to launch such a special line of perfumes was the day when I met Olivia Giacobetti ... one of the world's top Noses.  For me definitely the best and the first, ... without her, this magical story would never begin...

GB: 4. Describe the moment when you conceived of packaging your perfumes in a coffee cup?

You know, sometimes the story is written ... this day, in New York after a Coffee  & Cupcake at Magnolia bakery in the West Village, the artistic Director of Honoré des Prés, Ms. Dominique,  looked over at me .... and showed me my Coffee Cup in my hand and, like a song in the street, smiled and said, "It will be the packaging for the NY Collection."

I promise you that this night, when I took my flight from JFK to paris with this Paper Cup in my hand, I was so happy and excited because I knew now that this paper cup would be a part of the future. Six months later, we launched the collection at colette paris with a big Carrots Party !!!!

GB: 5. how do you see the state of the natural beauty market in France? the U.S.?
Definitely the Future, the Trend .... and the only solution to have new perfumes that don't look to the others .... We know that so many houses are working on it ....

GB: 6. What does perfume represent to a woman, in your view?
For me , there are two possibilities .... the sensuality  or the intimacy ....the perfume has to be very feminine and sensual to increase the personality of women but it can be very light and intimate to propose a new way of pureness and philosophy .... these 2 opposites are for Honoré des Prés House the sensual Vamp à NY and the purity of Nu Green from the first collection. That is one of my favorites!

GB: 7. It's courageous to launch a company - of any kind - in this economy. What gave you the motivation?

It's like a dream. I absolutely don't have the feeling  like I launched a company. I just know that we write the story of Honoré des Prés and everything that happens is like a new page of the book.  The perfume world is so magical !!! and the natural one will be emotional !

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