Super Bowl Sees Green

2010 Super Bowl - Super Bowl 44 (XLIV) - will be played on Sunday February 7, 2010 at 6:30 PM Eastern Time
Jack Groh is the first and only director of the NFL Environmental Program. The mission of this vast environmental program is to reduce solid waste and increase recycling and landfill diversion, as well as tap renewable energy for game-day usage, and for the two weeks of events leading up to the game. Now in its 18th year, the NFL has developed an array of standard programs that can carry over despite the Super Bowl's annual change in venue,...

Bio for Jack Groh

Jack Groh is Director of the National Football League's Environmental Program and a principal in the consulting firm of Groh Associates. Mr. Groh has been a communications and environmental consultant for more than 19 years and has worked on Super Bowl since 1993. He has been involved in environmental projects for the US Department of Energy, Argonne National Laboratory, the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, the American Solar Energy Society, the State of Rhode Island, the National Clean Cities Coalition and the United States Consortium for Automotive Research. He has also worked on a number of environmental projects sponsored by General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler.

His environmental work has been recognized for its high level of community, government, and sponsor support and participation; its practical approach to environmental problem-solving; and the significant return on investment (ROI) it provides to an event host community. He has helped event organizers develop environmental initiatives that cut costs and and provide measurable community benefits.

Mr. Groh has delivered presentations on environmental project development to academic and corporate audiences across North America and Europe. He has been a featured speaker at environmental conferences organized by the United Nations and by the International Olympic Committee.

Prior to working in the environmental and communications field, Mr. Groh was an award-winning journalist. Associated Press, UPI, and the Society for Professional Journalists have presented awards for his investigative journalism work.

Mr. Groh is a nationally licensed soccer coach and director of coaching for his hometown club in Warwick, RI. He serves as an adult leader for the Boy Scouts of America and as an on-air fund raiser for the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

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Blue Green Angels And Green Peppers

The Blue-Green Angels

By Matt Sloustcher, GreenPepper

Blue-angels-airshow-8 Watching The Blue Angels soar over the San Francisco skyline this weekend was an amazing sight, one that I look forward to annually. This year, however, there was a new sound in the air. Since practice sessions began on Thursday, greenies have been grumbling about wasted jet fuel and the general environmental degradation caused by the event. I witnessed most of this online, but others mentioned it as we stood on my roof watching the sky. It should come as no surprise; in this new era of social responsibility, everything is being called out. There was tremendous fallout last week when the President and first lady took separate jets across the Atlantic to lobby on behalf of Chicago’s Olympic bid, for example.

On gut reaction alone, my feeling is that the tradition should live on. In addition to pure entertainment value, arguments can be made that the show boosts the Navy’s recruiting potential and inspires people to think about public service. But I wonder, shouldn’t the Navy use this opportunity to educate people on the efforts it is taking to clean up its act? For example, the Navy is pouring millions into researching alternative fuels and other forms of energy, but the Website makes no mention. If I had my way, the Navy would showcase its current efforts and make a pledge that they will work to make the event carbon neutral within a decade. That’s leadership.

From GreenPepperBlog

"Companies in all sectors now feel..competitive pressures to launch green programs, as markets across the globe acknowledge their ability to seriously effect the environment and climate... including many sophisticated Fortune 1000 firms."

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Survey Results

A survey conducted by GreenPepper and Media-Screen in 2007 of nearly 500 consumers and corporate executives showed that 75%t of respondents indicated that efforts seem more credible when endorsed by environmental groups that have programs designed to have a direct impact on local communities. In addition, most companies interested in going green have not figured out which environmental groups they should partner with, citing lack of trust or common goals, and uncertainty on which NGOs to seek out.

To receive a copy of the complete survey findings, please send an email to greenpepper(at)peppercom(dot)com

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Film Finds Environmental Friends Across The North and South Borders

Green Filming North And South: A Comparative Analysis

The following is a quick comparison of two popular areas to film with Hollywood productions who take their film dollars out of Hollywood.  Both areas, New Mexico and British Columbia, have green agendas and promote best practices when it comes to film production and responsible stewardship of the local environment.

New Mexico's Green Filmmaking Initiative is a voluntary program to encourage environmentally sensitive film & television production.

The New Mexico Film Office offers online materials to productions about the use of alternative materials and environmentally friendly practices in the production office and on-set. This would include information on: recycling; purchasing locally made and/or organic products; donating unused/unwanted items to local school, church

Reel Green B.C.

Already known as a ‘green’ industry sector, BC’s entertainment production community understands that a light footprint on our environment means a longer life for our valued resources and a longer welcome in BC communities.  The production industry also understands there is more that can be done to make its activities green and Reel Green BC captures a grassroots movement within the industry to do just that.

Meet Me Half Way

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New Mexico

  • Instead of using endangered rainforest hardwood (meranti/lauan), buy renewable/sustainable building materials for set construction.
  • Use recycled, non-toxic and unbleached supplies (cleaning, building and office), soap, toilet paper, plates and tissue, cups, office paper, pencils, low-emission paints/chemicals, etc.
  • Avoid the use of Styrofoam and other non-biodegradable products. Select caterers that do the same.
  • Purchase recyclable products or products sold in recyclable packaging.
Reel Green B.C.

Reel Green BC encourages partnership with green initiatives already being implemented in the community and provides tools and information for companies and individuals wishing to become more environmentally responsible in carrying out the business of motion picture and entertainment production.
Purchasing locally produced products (building materials, used merchandise, organic food from local farmers) not only contributes to the economy, it also reduces additional energy use associated with transportation.

New Mexico

  • Contract with a recycling service.
  • Recycle sets/donate all unused or unwanted items (food, props, office supplies) to local charities, schools, animal welfare organizations, etc.
Alternative Energies Transportation And Fuels
  • Lease Hybrid and/or Electric vehicles and purchase ultra low sulfur diesel for generators and vehicles.
  • Contract with companies who supply vehicles that run on alternative fuels (natural gas, ethanol, bio-diesel, hydrogen).
  • Contract with companies who provide natural gas or solar generators and refrigeration systems.
  • Encourage car-pooling/public transportation.
  • Practice eco-conscious habits such as not idling equipment and vehicles unnecessarily.

Reel Green B.C.

Download Environmental Best Practices Guidelines Here

What are the Benefits of Environmental Stewardship?

For Companies:
•    Environmental Compliance
•    Efficiency Gains
•    Cost Savings
•    Staff Motivation
•    Enhanced corporate reputation and improved stakeholder relations
•    Innovation and Creativity
•    Improved Risk Management

For Individuals: 
•    Protecting one of the best places to live in the world
•    Preserving our quality of life for our children and grandchildren
•    Promoting energy efficiency and recycling
•    Raising awareness of environmental best practices
•    Practicing proactive environmental citizenship

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