Dying To Be Beautiful

Peter Lamas shed light on the dangers of harsh chemicals hidden in common beauty products on October 22nd and 23rd, 2011 in Vancouver, B.C. At The West Coast Women's Show
As one of the leading international make-up artists and beauty experts in the world, Mr. Lamas began his career at Vidal Sassoon in NYC 30 years ago and quickly became a go-to for such classic beauties such as Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Gloria Vanderbilt. Today the Peter Lamas brand is known worldwide for its line of 100% percent vegan, natural products with a cult following which boasts a number of beauty editors and celebrities.

Celebrity beauty advisor and innovator in the natural beauty industry, Peter Lamas spoke at the largest and most successful women’s event in British Columbia, the West Coast Women's Show. The show, which took place in Vancouver, is one of the only events in B.C. where women can build relationships with literally thousands of other women and business professionals in one venue.
Lamas discussed his popular book, “Dying to be Beautiful,” which aims to educate women on the dangers of hidden chemicals used in the beauty industry. Every day we all use an array of hair, skin, body and beauty products without ever asking ourselves whether they are safe or not. We incorrectly assume the Food and Drug Administration have tight regulations on these products. Unfortunately, there is little attention given to the fact that there are many potentially harmful ingredients that are widespread throughout the beauty industry. We go about our daily routine, applying products and ingredients directly to our skin, unknowing that they contain potent systemic toxins that are easily absorbed and can remain in our body for a very long time.
Through extensive research and a passion to create healthier beauty products, Mr. Lamas founded the Peter Lamas brand with the overriding mission to deliver high-performance beauty products containing only healthy and natural ingredients, free of harmful chemicals. Peter Lamas offers hair-care, skin-care, body-care and anti-aging products formulated with exotic botanicals, certified organic and natural ingredients. Lamas will also discuss the importance of using vegan and natural ingredients in products and reveal how they aid in enhancing one’s beauty – naturally.