Eco-Chic Aikiou Pet Feeders

The interactive dog feeder improves on the original design with reversible toecaps that allow customers to modify the pressure needed to open the food compartments, thereby making it more challenging and exciting for your pet.  The new design also makes it easier to fill the dish and is slightly shorter which allowed for a 15% reduction in production greenhouse gas.  The Aikiou dog bowl helps with weight control, digestive issues and stimulates your dog's brain. It is suited to dogs of all sizes. 

For Dogs

The Aikiou Junior is a 3-in-one product serving as a food bowl, slow feeder and puzzle for your pet.  

The BPA-free Aikiou Junior has six food openings and lets dogs use their sense of smell to find the food.  This allows Fido to eat in a way that is more natural to him.  
Because your dog has to "hunt" for his food, it encourages slower eating patterns that help reduce bloating and overweight issues in dog.

For Cats

The Stimulo feeder improves on the original design with an easier to clean base and a new tube design that makes it even more fun for cats to get their food.  The product is made using only food grade BPA plastics.  

The Stimulo is designed to allow cats to be their natural predator self and "hunt" for food.  The prior version of the Stimulo bowl was featured on Good Morning America and won Best in Show at the Global Pet Expo in 2012. 

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