L.A. Gets Chinese Green

Governor Schwarzenegger joined Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and officials from Chinese manufacturer BYD Auto Company Limited (BYD) to announce BYD, a leader in electric and hybrid vehicles and other renewable energy products, will locate its North American headquarters in Los Angeles. Click here to read more. The above  photo was taken at City Hall in Los Angeles, California April 30th 2010.

BYD's Los Angeles headquarters will be responsible for sales, marketing, and research and development for its automobiles and energy products, which include solar panels, LED lighting systems and home and grid level energy storage units through BYD's unique iron-phosphate batteries.

Like California, BYD has been a leader in green; selling the world's first mass-produced plug-in hybrid vehicle, the BYD F3DM, in 2008 and introducing the first electric car independent of specialized charging stations in the world, the e6, in 2010 to the city of Shenzhen, China.

In Above PHOTO: From left to right: BYD Chairman Chuanfu Wang, California Labor and Workforce Development Agency Secretary Victoria Bradshaw, Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen A. Trutanich, Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

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Hollywood Hearths Rock'N'Roll Dreams

Sustainable Filmmaking and The Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher

by: Christina Kleehammer

[Christina has worked in the Hollywood Film Industry for 20 years as a filmmaker, writer and journalist]

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher is an award-winning dramatic comedy by Hearth Studios, a collaborative of artists and social entrepreneurs who are finding and creating new ways for film production to actually nurture the environment, instead of take from it.  

As the awkward son of a rock star, Duncan Christopher works through the grief over his father’s suicide by deciding to carry on his father’s legend and become a rock star himself.  The story unfolds when the only gig his cousin Charlie can get him is in a local karaoke competition.  

Not only does the movie promote sustainability with plot elements that involve a wind generator and cars that run on biodiesel and crank electricity, but the production methods were sustainable as well.  Hearth Studios offset the entire film-making process from development through post-production, and then some.  Through NativeEnergy, the film is not just carbon neutral, it’s carbon negative.  Tulsa Biofuels donated biodiesel (made from recycled vegetable oil donated from local restaurants) to the production set for the trailers and trucks to run on.  Even the costumes and catering materials were chosen with sustainability in mind.  In fact, the filmmakers made every decision by asking the question, “How can we make this sustainable?”


The Rock 'n' Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher will be showing this Saturday, May 1st, 2010, at 9:30 p.m., at the Los Angeles United Film Festival.  The screening will include a Q & A session, plus a meet and greet with several of the filmmakers, including Jack Roberts and Justin Monroe, who love to make connections with individuals sharing a similar heart and ideas for healing the Earth, especially through the arts.

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When Garbage Is Beautiful And [Green] Drinks Are Free

Terracycle's UP Store, NYC, Now Extended To May 27th

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, in conjunction with the
Times Square Alliance and the Fashion Center Business Improvement District, has reinvented the corner of 8th Avenue and 41st Street at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Read More On Terracycle Fashion Founder Here

What was once an empty retail space is now an exhibition area and boutique shop for some of New York’s finest design and fashion.

“Since its inception, Blank Sl8 has played a vital role in the transformation of 8th Avenue into a destination for innovative art, design, fashion and retail,” said Barbara Randall, president of the Fashion Center BID. “I can think of no more appropriate anchor to Blank Sl8 during Earth Month than TerraCycle, a company built on innovation and sustainability. TerraCycle will be a spectacular addition to 8th Avenue.”

Join Green Drinks NYC
Tuesday May 11, 6-10pm
at Terracycle's Green Up Shop

641 8th Ave. at 41st Street, NYC, NY 10018

OPEN BAR - compliments of 360 Vodka, Brooklyn Brewery, Capri Sun and Snow Beverages.
Bring your electric bill, sign up for Wind Power and entrance is free    

RESTORE™CLOTHING a mid-town based clothing company that makes a full range of
eco-friendly clothes that feature organic and recycled materials and socially responsible
manufacturing. RESTORE™CLOTHING is partnering closely with TerraCycle to help
organize the green design themed pop-up shop and will find sponsorship and co-host the many events planned for the space in the month of April including some with our friends at SAVE THE GARMENT CENTER.

Running FREE lunchtime workout sessions every Wednesday and offering a full range
premium eco-fitness and yoga products is Natural Fitness. In addition to using the mostenvironmentally friendly materials like natural rubber, hemp and cork, Natural Fitness funds the planning of a tree with their Zero Impact Program for every product purchased.

Brooklyn-based RePlayGround creates eco-gifts and DIY products that enable consumers to use household waste to make, eco-friendly products lamps and trivets! RePlayGround and TerraCycle are partnering to sponsor a free DIY table at the store that will allow children to make a fun, free item from drink pouches or other food wrappers. Stop by weekly to collect the various products you make yourself!

The store will also featured one-of-a-kind, hand made jewelry from Garbage of Eden, a
design company that collects used plastics in the NYC-area and turns it into unique jewelry and accessories.

Coffee sleeves, drink cozies and key holders are among the Abby Valentine products made from scrap materials that will help you replace common, disposable products we often throw away.

To keep with the fitness theme, the Green Up Shop will feature Earth Spirit Yoga Bags.
Each bag is unique and made from upcycled fabric scraps discarded in furniture

Finally, some of the larger items to be offered at the Green Up Shop will be EcoSystem’s furniture, shelving and other products and services which can be ordered at the store and delivered straight to your home! In addition to this collection of sustainable products and services 1% of sales from Green Up will be
donated to RIVERKEEPER the leading “clean water advocate for New York”.

Riverkeeper is an approved 1% for the Planet Non-Profit recipient. Earth Day NY, which host the city’s Earth Day Celebrations will also partner in the festivities.

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Greening D.C. - 150,000 Show Up For GreenNRG Rally And Concert

The United States has failed to enact a comprehensive climate bill. It is time to stop protecting polluters and enact comprehensive climate legislation that will create American jobs, cap carbon emissions and secure our nation’s future.

Sunday on the Mall in Washington, DC approximately one hundred fifty thousand gathered to show their support for clean energy legislation  in the US. Musical artists Sting, John Legend, Passion Pit, The Roots, and others entertained the throngs of activists and environmentally concerned citizens.  At some point a large rubber ball was tossed around the stage,  symbolizing the approximately 1,000 plastic bags used per year by each American family.  Read MORE On Scientific American

Bruce Nilles (now Sierra Club Deputy Conservation Director and former Sierra Club Beyond Coal Campaign Director) spoke at the conference and got the crowd roaring.

NOTABLE SPEAKERS include Reverend Jesse Jackson, international coordinator Earth Day 2010, Denis Hayes, Waterkeeper Alliance president, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., film director, James Cameron, AFL-CIO President, Richard Trumka, Green for All director, Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, Olympic gold medalist, Billy Demong, producer, Trudie Styler, author, Margaret Atwood, NFL player and television personality, Dhani Jones, environmental photographer Sebastian Copeland and MANY MORE.

See More Photos HERE

For Future Earth Day Network Events, Videos and Pictures of past events, Click HERE.

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Dear Friends,...(From Calif. EPA Secretary Linda Adams)

To the left of Senator Pavley, author of AB 32,  in the photo sits Mary Nichols, chair of the California Air Resources Board. On the right is Linda Adams, secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency.

Linda Adams, former director of the California Department of Water Resources, was appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in May 2006 as Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency – making her the first woman to serve as head of the agency.

Immediately upon appointment, Secretary Adams was designated as Governor Schwarzenegger’s lead negotiator on AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. Adams is now working closely with states, provinces and countries around the world to develop a network of climate initiatives to achieve the greatest global reductions.  More>>>

California Secretary EPA, Linda Adams and B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell

Dear Friend,

As you probably have heard by now, there is a battle brewing to delay California’s clean energy and air pollution control standards.  And we need your support.

California’s climate change law, AB 32, the law that forever changed the rules on clean air, holds polluters accountable and requires them to reduce air pollution that threatens our health and our environment. AB 32 has moved California into the forefront of clean technology by creating opportunities for Californians to innovate and create new ways of protecting our environment and creating green jobs.

Because of leaders like you, AB 32 has created thousands of jobs, motivated an emerging economy and inspired businesses to partner with environmentalists. However, what is most important is that AB 32 has changed the way Californians think about clean energy and how we affect our environment.

We know that this is a global problem that requires a global solution. But change must start here with us, at the grassroots level. From here, it works its way up through our nations and around the world. Any signal of delay could be disastrous for a national commitment to reducing pollution.

Those who are attempting to delay our move to a clean energy economy maintain it will only “suspend” AB 32’s pollution and health requirements until the economy gets better. Well, we’re all waiting for the economy to get better, but in the meantime, suspending a law that has increased jobs, investments, innovation and public consciousness does not serve the people of California.

Join me in supporting AB 32 and the state’s commitment to growing clean energy businesses and technologies by signing up on-line today.

Your help will not only support our growing green economy, but will also help California for a better tomorrow.

Thank you,
Linda Adams
Secretary for Environmental Protection
California Environmental Protection Agency

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Mayor V. of L.A. Publicly Commits To Meatless Mondays

Antonio Villaraigosa

The dashing Los Angeles mayor is fitter than ever before: In a Los Angeles Times interview in January, he boasted about his recent 20-pound weight loss, thanks to regular yoga workouts and a healthy eating plan that includes Meatless Mondays.

For More Meatless Monday Celebs Read Up on The Red, White and Green >>>

by Josie Roman

Thank you everyone who attended the Home Tree Celebration with James Cameron and/or helped us spread the LOVE about the event.

Earth Day became a unique lifetime experience for 5,000+ inter-city at-risk 12-17 year old teens who were bused in for a special Avatar screening, including Q&A with James Cameron and cast, and special Eco-training. All of them left inspired Eco-Warriors!

Then, the evening started with an intimate Strategic Summit with a selective group of environmentalists, film makers, media and celebrities, where everyone showed their commitment to a long-term peaceful Eco-War and Eco-Life. During this meeting James got the Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to publicly commit to Meatless Mondays. For those of you who wonder how this can affect the environment, please read the report below and feel free to do your own research:

Agriculture is responsible for an estimated 14 percent of the world's greenhouse gases. A significant portion of these emissions come from methane, which, in terms of its contribution to global warming, is 23 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. The U.S. Food and Agriculture Organization says that agricultural methane output could increase by 60 percent by 2030 [Source: Times Online]. The world's 1.5 billion cows and billions of other grazing animals emit dozens of polluting gases, including lots of methane. Two-thirds of all ammonia comes from cows.

Read More On How Stuff Works >>>

Finally a Green Carpet and a private reception where we showed our support to the Amazonian indigenes who are fighting to stop the depletion of the so-called “Earth lungs”, Cameron received the first Home Tree award, Rosario Dawson showed she could easily win the Oscar for the Best DJ of the Year and all celebrities showed their friendly nature and support. An unforgettable day!

Blessings and remember to love your Planet every day of the year!!!

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Vegan Queen Celebrates Earth Day

Plum Bistro's Vegan Queen

by Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff,
 [Rachel is Founder and Editor of EcoStiletto. She is a Graduate of USC's Journalism Program]

Who can get Casey Affleck, Joaquin Phoenix, Liv Tyler, Jenny McCarthy, Daryl Hannah, Gus Van Sant, Matthew Cera and twenty or so others of Hollywood’s cool list together for a meal of tofu, quinoa and tempeh? Only Makini Howell, chef and co-owner of 
A small woman with a giant smile, Makini cooked for a ridiculously star-studded Earth Day party hosted by Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix and planned by Simone Le Blanc, at the home of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner in Pacific Palisades. EcoStiletto’s Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff joined the party to nab an exclusive interview with the chef, who might just do for vegan food what Alice Waters did for organic.

Guests ranged from hard-core vegans like Mike White—wearing a “vegan mafia” shirt made especially for the occasion—to admitted carnivores. All were curious about Makini’s innovative cuisine—what she calls “bridging the gap between carnivores and plant eaters”—which brought fans Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix on board as investors to launch Plum Bistro LA this fall in Los Feliz.

A lifelong vegan, Makini represents the third generation of a nearly 40-year-old family business. “I don’t believe animals are made for food,” she said. “Violence begets violence…veganism feeds a vision of peace.” She and her family own four vegan restaurants in Seattle, all of which serve certified organic food and are operated with environmental consciousness in mind. Plum Bistro LA boasts a partner in Graham Baba Architects, who specialize in sustainably rehabbing and reusing existing building materials to create spaces that are at once vintage and modern.

For Makini, veganism is a natural progression of environmentalism. “You have to see the big picture of veganism and sustainability and how it affects the planet,” she said. “By the mere act of being vegan you reduce your carbon footprint.” Her stance is backed up by facts: Livestock production is now responsible for 51% of greenhouse gas emissions—that’s more than all modes of transportation combined. And last year, the U.N. went on record to recommend that people cut down on meat consumption in order to combat global warming.

Veganism is also about health: As the federal government exposes slaughterhouse practices that result in salmonella in chicken and feces in beef scandals, data on vegetarianism finds lowered cancer rates and rates of obesity.

But back to the food: This is not your mother’s tempeh. Makini served up mouth-watering dishes like her signature “mac and yease,” cornmeal-encrusted seitan sliders and ricotta tofu served with pears as examples of what she calls “rustic, vegan, American food.” After introducing the finale—a coconut-lime cheesecake with a chocolate cookie crust—Makini concluded, “We want to make sure you don’t miss the meat.”
With Makini in town, not likely. For more of EcoStiletto's exclusive interview with Makini Howell, please visit the EcoCelebrity section.

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