Greening Hollywood And Oscar's Causes

From The Cove to Haven House to Getty House, L.A. people were out in full force all week leading up to Oscar Weekend.  Advocacy of important, social issues seemed to take home the crowning glory this year - dolphin advocates and their plea for the humane treatment of animals, human rights advocates and their plea for the humane treatment of humanity [like Sandra Bullock] and the right to tell the story when they observe otherwise. Peace advocates, like Kathryn Bigelow...Green advocates, like James Cameron...




Sara Marie Paul has made it her mission in Hollywood to bring organic food, via community sustained agriculture, to more people in living in Los Angeles. She got the chance to talk to some of L.A.'s pre-Oscar party-goers for Greening Hollywood. Interviews are below.

Can't See the Video?  Please CLICK HERE:

<p>CSA Talks To Oscar Party-Goers About Organic Food And Textiles from Greening Hollywood on Vimeo.</p><p>Sara Marie Paul, an advocate of CSA in Los Angeles, spoke to several of her fellow party-goers outside of Global Green USA's 2010 Pre- Oscar festivities.</p>


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Greening Hollywood

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