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I'm thrilled to report that California's children scored a major victory this month as the State Assembly voted to pass my bill that would ban toxic BPA from items such as baby bottles, sippy cups, and formula cans. The "Toxics-Free Babies and Toddlers Act” (SB 797), which would work in coordination with California's Green Chemistry Initiative to ban the use of BPA in feeding products designed for children three and under, now moves back to the Senate for concurrence before heading to the governor's desk.

This was a real David and Goliath fight. The chemical and pharmaceutical industries waged an expensive and shamefully deceptive war to kill my bill. But in the end, my colleagues in the Assembly sided with children and with science and voted to protect our most vulnerable citizens.

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is an artificial hormone that is widely used in shatter-proof plastic baby bottles, sippy cups and the lining of formula cans. It leaches out of containers and into food and drink consumed by babies and young children. More than 220 peer-reviewed studies have linked BPA to a host of health problems, including breast and prostrate cancer, infertility, obesity, and neurological and behavioral changes, including autism and hyperactivity.

SB 797 is joint-authored by Senator Carol Liu, D – Pasadena, and is sponsored by Breast Cancer Fund, Environmental Working Group and Physicians for Social Responsibility. The bill has widespread support from health care professionals, business owners and a long and diverse list of businesses and organizations including; Black Women for Wellness, Latinas for Reproductive Justice, The Help Group for Autism Spectrum Disorders, California Teachers Association, California Nurses Association, Asian Health Services, California Women Infants and Children (WIC), SEIU, California Labor Federation, Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice, and Green to Grow to name a few. I want to thank all of the sponsors, the supporters, and my colleagues in the Assembly, especially new Speaker John Perez, for helping to move this important piece of legislation forward.

Sen. Pavley's Field Representative Callie Hurd with Socorro Lopez Hanson & Javier Saucedo

Sustainability Award

Each month I [Sen. Pavley's Office] recognize a business, person, or organization in my district that is dedicated to preserving our environment by living and working responsibly. This month I'm proud to announce that I presented an Environmental Sustainability Award to Community Action of Ventura County. The Oxnard-based nonprofit organization was recognized for its efforts in establishing the Green Center that opened to the public on June 2.

The Green Center, located at 3401 W. Fifth Street, Suite 100, in Oxnard, is a new hub for education, training and information relating to "green” technologies in Ventura County. It provides local vendors with space to showcase their green products and services, including solar panels, water-saving plumbing supplies, energy-saving construction materials and soil amendments for the garden made from recycled yard waste. The Green Center also serves as a learning site for local contractors to upgrade their job skills in green technologies, including solar paneling installation and home weatherization. The Green Center is open to the public Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and closed for lunch from noon to 1 p.m. For more information, call 805-985-1010 or visit

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