Midterm Election Voter's Guide To Energy Independence

(Hollywood, California) October 28, 2010 Major Producers, Directors, Musicians and Actors Challenge America to Vote for

Candidates with the "Guts"To Make America "Energy Independent" by 2020


 With just days until the critical Midterm Elections, famed Producer Marshall Herskovitz ("30 Something", "The Last Samurai" and Past President of  The Producer's Guild) and Academy Award winning Writer and Director, Paul  Haggis, (Crash) together with dozens of Hollywood celebrities and musicians launched  their "Midterm Election Voter's Guide" to encourage Americans to vote FOR something - candidates, Democrat, Republican or Independent, with the "guts" to make The United States Energy Independent, on clean AMERICAN Energy, by the year 2020.  

You can see more here about the campaign here:www.EnergyIndependentCongress.US

Musicians Jason Mraz, Maroon 5 and Graham Nash and actors Rosario Dawson, Jason Alexander, Michelle Rodriguez, Ed Begley, Noah Wyle, Rosanna Arquette, Valerie Harper, James Cromwell, Peter Coyote and many others have gone public with their support of  the clean energy candidates endorsed by The Sierra Club, The League of  Conservation Voters, The National Wildlife Foundation Action Fund and Vote Vets.


They say now is the time for America to think big like Dwight Eisenhower did with the national highway system in 1956 and JFK did with the space program in 1961 and that it is THESE candidates, committed to solar and wind and a new energy infrastructure for America who will create the new jobs throu

gh a serious commitment to making America “Energy Independent” on clean AMERICAN energy. 


List of Endorsed Candidates: The Voters Guide: Click here: Energy Independent Congress - 2010 Senate and House of Representatives Endorsements

Blog by Richard Greene, Marshall Herskovitz and Paul Haggis launching this new effort: The Unspoken Solution to America's Problems: The Voter's Guide for November 2 

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