Grammys Night Gets Some Organic Goods

By Sara Paul

Sara is Founder of

"World Peace through Sustainable Individualism"

There were so many events to choose from on this night, I decided to let the universe guide my path. At first I thought I would be meeting one of my “Be the Change” girls at either the Warner Brothers event or an Alanis Morissette party, but her phone died and I wasn’t sure where the events were or what the deal was.

So I looked in my emails at a list of Grammy parties and found myself drawn to the Jamie Foxx event at the Conga Room in downtown. So I spontaneously went, found $5 parking, and tried to schmooze my way in. After an unsuccessful attempt, I decided to email the contact person. I waited patiently for a response and decided to take off after about 30 minutes.

On with the adventure…..I love going out solo! My friend, who is a chef at the Farmers Kitchen in Hollywood called me and insisted that I pick him and a bunch of fabulous organic, vegan, farm fresh food up and head out somewhere. 

Needless to say, I was so thankful that life guided my path.

I did know that Louie Vega, house music producer, deejay, and Grammy winner was performing at Deep, an event that happens every Sunday at the Vanguard and is produced by Marques Wyatt, also an amazingly talented deejay, producer, and yogi. So I picked up my friend and the goods and we bounced over there.

Upon arriving, it was like a path was cleared for us. We slid in there, danced like crazy for hours, and provided happiness for all of the bartenders and talent with the delicious food that we brought. I realized that I had gone out that night in the hopes of influencing some big wigs with my visions of an organic world all the while searching for something that has been with me for years… music. And when I say house music, I mean deep, funky, soulful, spiritual, get down all night long kind-of music, in a place where dancers and free spirits drink more water than alcohol. There was only one thing missing, which my friend and I provided….the conscious food.

The next day I saw an email response about the Jamie Foxx event with a password to get in. Had I waited another 20 minutes, I would have been in. Needless to say, I was so thankful that life guided my path.

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